Whole Bean Coffee


Here are 4 coffees that match your selection


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From the coffee fermentation tanks, the beans are moved to drying patios and dried to 11-12% moisture content.

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Honey (Semi Washed)

Depending on weather conditions, the usual drying cycle takes 10-12 days. At the end of this stage, the water content of the beans should be approx. 11 %.



The cherries that grow on coffee plants contain two (usually) seeds (actually, coffee beans). The cherries are harvested and sorted. Over and under ripe cherries are separated from the perfectly ripe cherries, which continue on to processing.

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“At the ideal point of maturation, we harvested the best cherries by hand, put them inside a truck bucket and let the truck rest in a local forest to cool down for 36 hours, achieving anaerobic fermentation,” Nunes said of the winning coffee. “After that we pulped the fermented raisins and dried them on raised beds.”

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